Itís more than just a name. Itís our passion. The 29Ē wheeled bike isnít just a token in our line-up. It is our one and only love, our heart and soul out there on the trail. Itís 100% commitment to a wheel size we believe in, to impeccable designs & exquisite ride quality. Itís a dedication we want to share with you on every ride. At Niner we are excited about the buzz - The good feelings we get when we sell products that we love to people that love our products. Being a part of the Niner community doesnít start at the cash register and doesnít end when you walk out the bike shop door. On the trail, the Niner community is diverse and friendly. Whether you are on your local singletrack or in the middle of an epic journey, donít be surprised to receive a ton of comments, questions and smiles Ė Niner bikes tend to generate conversations. Off the trail, you can count on Niner for great customer service. Once youíve found the bike of your dreams, we back it with a solid warranty and a wealth of information to improve your experience and make you feel at home. Donít be shy if you see NINER at races or festivals because we enjoy talking about bike stuff as much as you do.

With more than a century of cycling heritage under its wheels, Raleigh Bicycles is one of the most well-respected bicycle brands in the world. Raleigh offers a broad spectrum of bicycles including road, mountain, cyclocross, and commuter for all ages and abilities. Raleigh focuses on supporting the commuter, the family and local cycling, and partners with numerous non-profits around the U.S. each year to help grow the sport, including Ride2Recovery. Raleigh also sponsors Raleigh UK and Raleigh/ Clement competitive cycling teams. The Raleigh brand possesses a rich history of producing quality bicycles and remains a leader in the industry.

"Call us misguided, but at Santa Cruz Bicycles we believe that to build a good bike, you have to first really love riding bikes. That's an asset we have in spades here. Our engineers are mighty good at working Pro/E, but they are riders first and foremost. Our builders can rail dirt better than most. Our painter can catch more air than you can. Our sales office is filled with bikes that get ridden every day. From the people packing bikes into boxes to the owner of the company, our main obsession and our common bond is riding. Ranging from our sophisticated VPP downhill weaponry to the Spartan simplicity of our new cyclocross frame, the bikes in this catalog are the bikes that we ride. They reflect our passion for riding, and they stand as a testament to our ongoing desire to make our rides better. We're damn proud of them, and we hope you like riding them as much as we do."

At Salsa, we believe a sense of adventure makes life better. The bicycle can be so much more than just a bike; it's a path to new places, new people, and amazing experiences.

We provide the bikes. You determine where they go, and where you go with them. Satisfy curiousity. Explore boundaries. Discover something great.

Salsa. Adventure by bike.

In 1919, a talented young bike racer from Flanders named Henri "Ritte" Van Lerberghe showed up bikeless to the starting line of the Tour of Flanders. The First World War had just ended, and Ritte traveled to the race straight from the frontlines. He borrowed a bike from a local, and in the typical Ritte style, attacked the pack almost immediately. Ritte built up such a sizable lead by the finishing town that instead of heading to the velodrome for the victory lap, he decided to veer off course and stop at a pub for pint. One beer turned into three or four, and despite the fact that he now felt more like hanging out with the locals than winning the biggest race of the year, Ritte was coaxed back on his borrowed bike and wobbled across the street to complete the finishing laps on the velodrome. Ritte had won Belgium's greatest race and had fun doing it.

The very nature of riding a bicycle is to have fun and be free, so pretence and attitude just doesn't have a place in our world. Ritte Van Vlaanderen Bicycles began with this simple goal: to offer cyclists the best possible racing bicycles at the best possible value. No gimmicks, no attitude, no BS.

Handsome Cycle Co. was started a few years ago by a couple of guys in Minneapolis who wanted to create classically styled, versatile bicycles for a price within reach of the many—not the privileged few.

The Handsome line of bicycles have been crafted from steel because of it's comfortable ride and it's tried and true reliability. But steel is not Handsome—People are. Handsome is about people riding bicycles that reflect the individual's style and riding needs. So, please take a long, Handsome look—better still, a Handsome ride.

We are the hotdog in the corndog of life. The gin in your tonic. Mental floss in bike form.

No bullshit bike frames and parts that are durable, versatile, and outlast the next model year. Founded in 1998 and located just south of MPLS.

Our goal is to make a significant contribution to the equipment and culture of urban cycling. This is not a cash in, this is not a fad, this is our life, our love, our community and our dream.

We are a company of riders making products for other riders. We share a lifelong passion for the machines, the people who ride them, and the positive changes both can effect in this world.