For one thing, we're an independent, locally-owned bike shop. For another... we're not dicks. We're all riders here and literally live and breathe bicycles. But we're not going to turn up our noses if you don't. We're here for YOU.

If you're interested in a baller mountain bike, a ride-anything cyclocross steed, a coast to coast touring workhorse or kick ass commuter, we've got the bikes from some of the coolest companies out there.

But we know what we like... More than anything, we want to get you out there on what YOU need.

Also, when you shop with us you not only help us stay in business and eat our rice and beans, but you help us continue to support the local cycling community, be it sponsoring races, bicycle rodeos, charities, group rides or repair clinics.

Oh... we also have a whole lot of awesome beer ON TAP!

Yeah... I know, right?

Title: Master Blaster!
Rides: Ritte Snob, Niner SIR 9, Swobo Accomplice, Handsome Devil...
Eats: His body weight in Indian Food every week
Drinks: at least two heart-healthy bottles of wine a night
Says: "You're fired."
Likes: Ed Abbey, the Minutemen, dadventuretime with Milo
Dislikes: cars in bike lanes, charisma without substance, warhellrides


Title: Beardo McFlannelshirt
Rides: Niner Jet9 RDO, Salsa Vaya, Sarif custom, various purple things
Eats: hot rainwater poured over fish nightmares
Drinks: hot rainwater poured over fish nightmares
Says: "I'm sorry... What?"
Likes: Tarck, Polly Ollies, swaddling himself in flannel
Dislikes: fork dive, short sleeves, razors
Title: A-A-Ron
Rides: Things people made with their hands. Firefly... Serotta...
Eats: Green curry by the bathtubful and the occasional taco or shawarma plate
Drinks: All things. A-L-L.
Says: "The water's deep"
Likes: All night sleep deprived solo missions. Poking limits in the eye with a sharp stick.
Dislikes: sunburn, litterbugs, negative energy, artificial authority


Title: Wielder of the Sacred Wrench
Rides: Raleigh Capri 4.0, Niner EMD
Eats: Might be a burrito... might be a chimichanga. Whatever it is, the whole shop smells like it now.
Drinks: What's in the fridge?
Says: "Y'all ain't right.
Likes: when Watts finally turns off his devil music, a well built wheel
Dislikes: Watts's devil music, gluing tubulars, Chris
Title: Tommy Terrific aka: Tommy Cassanova, Willem deTommy, Professor TimTam,Thomas,and TomTom the Magic SnakeMonkey
Rides: Surly Long Haul Trucker, Niner SIR 9, things he shouldn't...without permission
Eats: more than you'd think
Drinks: some kind of boojie tea in a mason jar, I'm sure
Says: "So... I was thinking..."
Likes: your girlfriend (actually, she likes him)
Dislikes: stagnation


Title: Kwisatz Haderach
Rides: Giant Sandworms
Eats: The Spice
Drinks: The Water of Life
Likes: Fremen
Dislikes: Harkonens
Title: Superfreak
Rides: in the basket
Eats: chow
Drinks: Water...out of an UNFLUSHED terlet!
Says: gah...the things this dog says would make the devil blush
Likes: crawling into your clothes, eating women's panties, growling at atoms
Dislikes: Honestly, there is no rhyme or reason to what he likes and dislikes